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Is There an 8-Inch Vertical LCD Screen? What Resolutions Are Available?

8 inch LCD screens have always been favored by the market. The specifications of the 8-inch screen are also very complete, including resolution, interface, brightness and other specifications that are available for customers from different industries to choose from. Different customers have different requirements for these specifications. Although they are all 8-inch LCD screens, some customers require 8-inch vertical LCD screens, while others require 8-inch horizontal LCD screens. 8-inch TFT LCD modules have a special resolution of 1200x1920, which is commonly used in logistics equipment. 8-inch IPS LCD screens with TFT capacitive touch screens can also be customized according to customer requirements. LCD monitor manufacturers are committed to providing customers with qualified standard displays and satisfactory one-stop service. Any requirements will be welcomed. Today, we will learn about 8-inch vertical LCD screens. Do they exist? What are their resolutions?

Understanding of 8-inch screens

There are currently two common types of 8-inch LCD screens: vertical screens and horizontal screens. Therefore, there are 8-inch vertical LCD screens available. The resolution of vertical and horizontal screens is often the same, but the prices may vary. The specific price depends on the factory price of the panel glass. If the panel price of the 8-inch vertical LCD screen is higher than that of the 8-inch horizontal LCD screen, then the final price of the 8-inch vertical LCD screen will naturally be higher.

Resolutions of 8-inch screens

Since 8-inch vertical LCD screens exist in the market, let's learn about the common resolutions of 8-inch screens. The common resolutions of 8-inch vertical LCD screens include: 800*1280, 1200*1920, and also less common resolutions such as 720*1280 and 1080*1920. However, we still recommend customers to choose the more versatile resolutions of 800*1280 and 1200*1920, both of which are very high definition and can meet the display needs of all customers.

KINGTECH has been producing 8-inch vertical LCD screens and 8-inch horizontal LCD screens for a long time. The specifications of these screens, including resolution, interface, brightness, appearance, and viewing angle, are very complete. They also provide custom services such as touch screens, ribbon cables, and backlight. They can even provide specific solutions based on the customer's industry and application environment. Customers with demand are welcome to consult KINGTECH's customer service, and we will provide comprehensive and accurate information.

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