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Which Industries Generally Use 4.3-inch LCD Monitors?

4.3-inch LCD monitors have always been active in the display industry and are widely used in various terminal machines, and 4.3-inch LCD monitors have many specifications and parameters, among which the horizontal screen is the main one, and the resolution includes 480* 320 and 8O0*480, etc., can be used with capacitive-resistance touch screen to achieve integrated display and touch functions. Next, KINGTECH will introduce you to which industries 4.3-inch LCD monitors are generally used.

1. Smart audio industry of 4.3-inch LCD monitor

With the popularity of smart products, the smart audio industry has entered thousands of households. Many smart audio terminals use 4.3-inch LCD monitors as display terminals. From MP3 to MP4 in the past, to the current smart audio terminals, step by step moving forward in an intelligent direction. The 4.3-inch LCD monitor not only has a clear display effect, but also has a relatively affordable price. It is also a good choice for the smart audio industry.

2. Instrumentation industry of 4.3-inch liquid crystal display

The instrumentation industry is also a big fan of using 4.3-inch liquid crystal displays, but the reliability requirements of the instrumentation industry for 4.3-inch liquid crystal displays are higher than other industries, and the parameters such as high and low temperature and service life are more stringent. The 4.3-inch liquid crystal display also has many series products with different reliability requirements, which can meet the reliability requirements of different industries.

3. Video doorbell and telephone industry of 4.3-inch liquid crystal display

4.3-inch LCD monitors are also widely used in video doorbells and videophones and other industries, and the shipments are large. In the past few years, video doorbells and videophones almost exclusively used 4.3-inch LCD monitors. With the update and iteration of products this year, many new products also use 7-inch LCD display and 8-inch LCD display as display terminals, but the cost will increase. After all, the larger the size, the higher the price.

4. Handheld terminal with 4.3-inch LCD display

It is also very common for handheld terminals to use 4.3-inch LCD monitors, because the size of 4.3-inch LCD monitors is very suitable for the production of portable handheld terminal products, and there are many cases of 4.3-inch LCD monitors using handheld terminals. The handheld terminal industry also has higher reliability requirements for 4.3-inch LCD monitors than other industries.

There are many other industries where 4.3-inch LCD displays are used, such as: smart home, medical industry, digital industry and electronic label industry, etc. Kingtech Group Co., Ltd. has been producing 4.3-inch LCD monitors for a long time, and has stable resources and sufficient supply. It can customize touch screens and cables as needed. Welcome customers in need to consult customer service directly!

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