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How to Design the Cable of Industrial-grade LCD Liquid Crystal Display?

Everyone knows industrial-grade LCD liquid crystal displays, and their main structures include panels, backlights, cables, and ICs. Do you know the design of each component? When designing industrial-grade LCDs, each component is the key because it concerns the function and overall structure. Today, Kingtech will take you to know what details should be paid attention to in the layout design of industrial LCD.

(1) It is necessary to add the alignment line of the cable on the backlight iron frame of the industrial LCD display. It is recommended that the alignment line of the cable should have a certain position on one side, and should be silk printed on the backlight by means of silk screen printing.

(2) A certain position distance shall be reserved between the wiring and backlight accessories to prevent the distance from being too close to overlapping each other. Similarly, when there are accessories connected with accessories, this problem also needs to be paid attention to.

(3) Many customers have to bend the LCD display and then ship. At this time, the model needs to be bent and shipped. The industrial LCD liquid crystal display cable is designated as a nonadhesive substrate to ensure good bending characteristics, and it requires electroless gold plating.

(4) The industrial LCD cable needs to be bent for shipment. Pay attention to the warping of the industrial LCD cable. If there is an iron frame on the back of the industrial LCD cable, the industrial LCD cable needs to be pasted with double-sided tape. At the same time, the two sides of the industrial LCD cable need to be pasted with double-sided tape, and there is no need to paste yellow and black protective paper. However, if there is no iron frame on the back of the industrial LCD cable, ensure that there is a certain distance between the iron frame and the industrial LCD cable, and add yellow protective paper to ensure that the industrial LCD cable is not warped.

(5) Special attention should be paid to the design with a complex structure. At present, there is a hole-to-hole alignment (hole to hole on FPC, backlight positioning column to alignment hole on Industrial LCD line), line-to-line alignment (Industrial LCD line etching line to silkscreen line), and side alignment.

(6) The screen printing line, backlight edge and auxiliary material alignment, and the reverse folding alignment line of the industrial LCD line are required on the industrial LCD line.

(7) Double-sided adhesive tape shall be provided on the industrial LCD cable, with appropriate thickness. If it is too thin, it will affect the bending of industrial LCD cable, and pay attention to the distance.

Pay attention to details when designing the layout of industrial LCD liquid crystal display. For example, Kingtech Group Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that pays attention to details. We will fully consider the characteristics of each component and the problems that may be encountered in production, avoid risks in advance and reduce the defect rate.

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