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Analysis of the Internal Structure of TFT LCD Screen

Maybe you are not familiar with the three letters: TFT, or just know little about it. TFT is closely related to IT products. The products that can be displayed on the screen, such as monitors, flat panels, mobile phones, and TVs, are inseparable from TFT LCD screens. And many users will confuse TFT and LCD panel types with each other, so what exactly is TFT? Here, KINGTECH will analyze the internal structure of the LCD display TFT for you.

At present, whether LCD, mobile phone, tablet computer, display or TV, most screens use active matrix. This structure uses an electrical conversion device called thin film transistor to turn on and off pixels. TFT module refers to this kind of thin film transistor.

1. Pixel analysis of the internal structure of LCD display TFT

TFT refers to the thin-film transistor. Each liquid crystal pixel is driven by the thin-film transistor integrated behind the pixel, which can realize high-speed, highlight, and high contrast display information. Each pixel of TFT module is controlled by TFT integrated on itself, which is an active pixel. Therefore, not only the speed can be greatly improved, the contrast and brightness can be greatly improved, and the resolution has reached a high level.

2. Driving module for internal structure of LCD display TFT

TFT is located in the pixel driving module of the glass substrate below the liquid crystal panel. It is in the shape of thin film and embedded in the driving module together with the pixel element. Generally, the characteristics of the TFT module are basically the same as those of the semiconductor transistor. Its driving current charges the pixel capacitor and lights up the pixel electrical conversion device.

3. Analysis of the internal structure of LCD display TFT

It can be regarded as a layer of liquid crystal sandwiched between two glass substrates, which is also the common feature of all liquid crystal panels. The liquid crystal panel is actually a liquid crystal cell. The upper glass substrate is combined with the color filter, and the lower glass is embedded with a transistor. When the current passes through the transistor, the electric field changes, resulting in the deflection of liquid crystal molecules, so as to change the polarization of light, and then use the polarizer to determine the light and dark state of the pixel. The above is the internal structure analysis of LCD display TFT, and we believe that it will help you.

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