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How to Choose the Right LCD Display Module?

Speaking of liquid crystal display modules, outsiders may not be familiar with it. But when it comes to LCM, many people will recognize it. Yes, it is a component that can integrate liquid crystal displays, connectors, integrated circuits, and backlights together. Without it, the connectivity function of the liquid crystal display cannot be completed. In recent years, with the maturity of liquid crystal display technology, its price has also become lower and lower. So, how to choose a suitable high-brightness LCD display module? Let's take a look below:

Data to consider when selecting a high-brightness LCD display module

To choose a suitable high-brightness LCD display module, you need to consider the following three key indicators: display resolution: the number of pixels must be greater than the number of pixels required for the product's display content; physical size: the size must fit the size of the product's chassis structure; circuit coordination: the choice of circuit will directly affect the circuit design of the MPU system. The combination of circuits needs to be compared with the resources of the MPU system and the characteristics of the module circuit to achieve comprehensive considerations.

Content Priority Method for high-brightness LCD display module

The content priority method is to select standard products that prioritize meeting the requirements of the display screen and balance them with the structure. This method is used when the product chassis structure leaves a larger selection space for the module or when the chassis can refer to the size layout of the module. This method will satisfy the display effect.

Structure Priority Method for high-brightness LCD display module

The structure priority method is to select standard module products based on the size of the external structure. This method is used when the size of the product's chassis structure is already fixed and there is little room for the selection of the module size. This method will satisfy the structural size.

Customized high-brightness LCD display module

If there are special requirements for the display and structure of the high-brightness LCD display module and the mold cost can be borne by the overall cost of the machine, customized modules can be used. The advantages of customized modules are specialization, protection by manufacturers, protection of the competitive market for products, and optimized product structure. Customized modules are specially designed according to the characteristics of the product and come in various forms.

In summary, customized high-brightness LCD display modules are relatively better, convenient for mass production, and can obtain the best application effects and high performance-price ratio of products.

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