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How to Prevent Static Electricity in LCD Display Screen

Ⅰ. Introduction of LCD display screen

The LCD display screen is a passive device, which can be made very thin, does not emit light and generate power consumption. The largest power consumption is the backlight source, which is an LED lamp. The overall power consumption is much lower. Everyone knows that the human body is subject to static electricity, and sometimes high-voltage static electricity of up to tens of volts or hundreds of volts may occur. The LCD display screen should be extremely careful in operation, assembly, and use, and it is necessary to prevent static electricity. What are the anti-static measures for LCD display screens?

Ⅱ. How to prevent static electricity on the LCD display screen

1. The LCD screen panel must not be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Because it can generate strong static electricity. In addition, static electricity will occur under dry air. Therefore, the humidity in the working room should be above RH60%. Kingtech, a reliable custom LCD manufacturer, can provide you with practical advice during using an LCD display screen.

Kingtech Full View Angle LCD Display

2. Do not use hands to touch the outer leads of the LCD display screen, the circuit on the circuit board and the metal frame. If it is necessary to touch directly the TFT LCD touchscreen display, keep the human body and the module at the same potential.

3. Resistive contact should be formed between the ground, workbenches, chairs, shelves, carts and tools to keep them at the same potential.

4. Electrostatic breakdown is a kind of damage that cannot be corrected. It is necessary to pay attention to it and not to be careless. When the LCD display screen is taken out or put back into the packaging bag or moved to a location, be careful not to generate static electricity. Do not change the packaging or discard the original packaging at will.

5. The electric screwdriver and other tools used for operation must be well-grounded, ensuring that there is no leakage.

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