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What Are the Technical Features of Sunlight Readable LCD Module?

I. What are the types of LCD?

The working principle of liquid crystal display is to use the physical characteristics of liquid crystal module to make the arrangement orderly when it is powered on, which can make the light easy to pass through. The advantage of LCD is that compared with CRT display, it can not get hot at all. Next, let's learn about the classification of LCD with LCD suppliers.

1. According to the Interface type: TTL, STN and LVDS

2. According to the display type: Positive display, negative display, full transmission, semi transmission, and radiation.

3. According to the display technology: dot matrix screen, code breaking screen, character screen and TFT color screen.

4. According to the panel type: TN panel, IPS panel, MVA panel, PVA panel.

5. According to the driving mode: static drive, simple matrix drive and active matrix drive.

6. It is divided into STN LCD, TFT LCD, LTPS TFT LCD, OLEDOLED, SLCD, IPS IPS and CPA according to material and manufacturing technology by LCD factory.

II. What are the features of sunlight readable LCD module?

In order to keep the LCD screen clear in sunlight or strong light and make the light penetrating without reflection, we use optical bonding technology to improve the readable effect of touch screen module in strong light.

Optical bonding is a technical solution for optical enhancement of LCD, which increases the external contrast of LCD. The transparent optical adhesive is bonded on the polarizer on the front surface of the LCD screen. Because the refractive index of the optical adhesive glass is almost the same, two reflective surfaces are eliminated. At the same time, AR antireflection layer is coated on the outer surface of the bonding glass, so that the reflectivity of the whole outer part is only 0.4%. This increases the contrast. Such a readable scheme in the sun enables it to be sun readable LCD.

The sunlight readable LCD module is coated with anti glare coating on the glass surface and anti reflection coating on the front and back. The reflector is also used in front of the backlight. These functions can generate 1000 nit or more display lighting, without excessive power consumption and heat generation due to high brightness backlight, so that the LCD has longer service life and better performance.

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