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What Are the Working Characteristics and Driving Methods of TFT Color Display?

1. Working characteristics of TFT color display

The color TFT-LCD uses thin film transistors to generate voltage to control the direction of the liquid crystal display. It consists of a glass plate with a thin film field effect transistor matrix circuit and a glass plate with a color filter. liquid crystal. Each pixel in the display is divided by the horizontal and vertical common metal wires of the thin film transistor matrix circuit. Each pixel contains a thin film field effect transistor and a capacitor. The common 1TO electrode on the color filter is formed. The liquid crystal sandwiched between the two electrodes of a TFT color display acts as a dielectric in the capacitor.

2. The driving method of TFT color display

The display adopts the driving method of scanning one line at a time. When a positive pulse is applied to a certain horizontal scanning common wire (or gate line), all the thin film transistors connected to the horizontal wire are turned on and are in a conductive state. At this point, the capacitance on each pixel is charged to the voltage of its corresponding vertical common wire (or signal line). When it is the turn of another scan line to apply a positive pulse, the original scan line is applied with a negative voltage, which turns off all the thin film transistors connected to the scan line and is in a non-conductive state.

The TFT color display is an active matrix display, so its driving method is completely different from that of TN and STN liquid crystal displays, and uses a source matrix dynamic driving method. The reason why the TFT color display can display vivid colors is that the color filters and TFT field effect transistors inside it work together in coordination.

Therefore, the charge originally charged to each capacitor can be maintained for the time required to scan one frame until the next time it is the turn of the line to scan. If the display uses a twisted nematic TN) liquid crystal, it is best to use an AC voltage to drive, that is, the polarity of the driving voltage of each picture must be opposite to that of the previous picture. The liquid crystal in the TFT color screen is like a light valve. As the voltage on each pixel changes, the intensity of the color light passing through the pixel also changes.

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