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Analysis of the Causes of Yellowing of TFT Liquid Crystal Displays

TFT liquid crystal displays can often be seen in the smart products we use. Many smart products also need to use TFT liquid crystal displays as display touch terminals, and all electronic products are prone to this during long-term use. Or something like that. Let's take a look today, will the TFT LCD display turn yellow?

First of all, the LCD screen may turn yellow, because friends who know TFT LCD screen know it. The TFT liquid crystal display itself cannot self-illuminate, but needs to emit light through the backlight, so the TFT liquid crystal display may appear yellow. Next, let's find out what causes the TFT liquid crystal display. Is the display yellow?

1. TFT LCD backlight aging

The light-emitting of the TFT LCD screen mainly relies on the backlight, but our backlight is valid. If it is stored in a warehouse for a long time, the backlight is easy to age. Generally speaking, the assembly of the backlight from production to LCD module should not take more than three months at most before we assemble it. The longer the time, the higher the probability of yellowing of the TFT LCD screen, so seize this time.

2. TFT LCD display lamp color temperature attenuation

Anyone who understands TFT LCD screens knows that LCD screens have a service life, but it does not mean that TFT LCD screens whose service life exceeds the optimal service life will not be displayed, but because the color temperature of LED lights increases with service life. It will decrease over time, and it will decrease once a year. When the TFT LCD screen turns yellow, the color temperature of the LED light may change, causing the yellowing.

3. The color of the TFT liquid crystal display is uneven

The yellowing of the TFT liquid crystal display may be caused by the uneven color of the TFT liquid crystal display itself. In this way, the chromaticity uniformity of the TFT liquid crystal display can be measured to see if it is in the normal range. If the cause can be ruled out, it is the uneven color of the TFT liquid crystal display.

After the above introduction by KINGTECH, do you have a certain understanding of the yellowing of the TFT LCD screen and the possible reasons for the yellowing? We, Kingtech Group Co., Ltd. (KINGTECH), have long-term production of TFT LCD screens. We are a professional and powerful TFT LCD display manufacturer. Customers in need are welcome to consult KINGTECH's customer service directly. We will be happy to help you. You serve!

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