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What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Customization of LCD Liquid Crystal Display?

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more products are becoming more and more intelligent, and more and more custom lcd liquid crystal displays are becoming more and more, and customers often find KINGTECH to customize. As a professional manufacturer of industrial-grade liquid crystal displays and touch screens, KINGTECH will share with you what needs to be paid attention to in the customization of lcd liquid crystal displays.

1. Prepare the drawings before customizing the LCD display

The custom lcd liquid crystal display is different from the customization of other products. The structure of the liquid crystal display is very complicated. The structure of the LCD needs to be drawn in advance with CAD. The structure of the LCD screen is well designed, and there will be separate drawings for the LCD screen part. The drawings are made in advance, which will save a lot of time. Many people may not know much about this aspect, and often do not even understand their own needs. This will waste a lot of early development time.

2. The approximate budget of custom lcd liquid crystal display

The early stage of custom lcd liquid crystal display—must make a rough budget, each terminal product has its own market positioning, whether it wants to be positioned in the high-end, mid-range or low-end, including the selling price of the whole machine, the cost price, the price of each accessory Proportion of price, these all need to make a budget in advance, so that when doing LCD customization, you will not blindly design, but will make plans according to market positioning.

Since 2003, KINGTECH has been focusing on small and medium thin film transistor liquid crystal displays. These displays are widely used in medical equipment, industrial equipment, smart home solutions, handheld devices such as logistics equipment, POS, test meters, telecommunications, gas stations, car chargers.

With the strong support of the team, more than 90% of our projects are customized products. KINGTECH provides customers with FPCs, capacitive touch panels, backlights (if necessary), and even custom lcds. Based on our TFT LCD, we can also provide TFT resistive touch screen, capacitive touch panel, driver board, HDMI board, software and hardware design related to LCD, and even complete solutions. Our company started as a distributor of LCD panels and driver ICs. Now, there is still a dedicated department to handle this business. Welcome to order our products!

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