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Great News! Kingtech LCD Has Been Authorized For Innolux Display Sales!

Innolux is one of the most well know lcd module company. Innolux displays are widely used in many fields such as industrial control, medical, automotive and so on. Kingtech as a lcd display module supplier, is authorized Innolux distributor. We can supply stably Innolux COG, FOG, LCM and we can also provide touch panel, board together with Innolux display. 

Our LDC Dispaly Products Includes The Below:

  • ZB070BF-09G--Innolux 7 in 800x480 lcd screen COG. Based on this COG, we tooled up our own FPC and backlight to replace Innolux 7in lcd screen display model LW700AT9309 also called Innolux 9309 and AT070TN83 also called TN83. Since 9309 and TN83 are badly shortage supply, we use the same LCD panel and developed drop replacement of these two models. We can supply stably.

  • AT056TN52 and AT056TN53--Innolux 5.6 inch VGA 640x480 lcd display;

  • AT065TN14--Innolux 6.5 inch WVGA 800x480 lcd display;

  • NJ070NA-23A, AT070TN83, AT070TN92, AT070TN94--Innolux 7.0 inch WVGA 800x480 lcd display;

  • AT080TN64--Innolux 8 inch lcd panel WVGA 800x480 lcd display; This 8 inch lcd screen is specially used for some high end medical applications;

  • AT090TN12--Innolux 9.0 inch WVGA lcd 800x480;

  • AT102TN03--Innolux 10.2 inch WVGA 800x480 lcd display;

Innolux LCD display has it's own good features which is favoured by the customers. For example,  LW700AT9309 and AT070TN83 has square dot which is very much favoured by medical applications. Because it can display images much more precise than other brands.

Kingtech's Distinctive Advantages As An Authorized LCD Display Supplier

Other than Innolux display distributors, Kingtech is also a display module manufacturer and a lcd display wholesale company. We wholesale lcd display module in all kinds of field such as industrial control, medical, E-bike, smart home, energy saving and etc.

We handle a lot of custom made projects.  We can accept small MOQ for custom made displays. We have our own display solution company to provide you one-stop solution.

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