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How to Choose a Long Bar TFT LCD Screen?

How to choose a bar TFT LCD screen? The rapid development of modern high-tech has promoted the development trend of the LCD display field, and the long LCD panel is a new material under the intelligent technology. Now more and more areas are using long bar TFT LCD, such as bus, shelf, subway warning signs and other areas. According to different places and main purposes, the bar TFT has produced long bar TFT displays with different functions such as vehicle section screens and bus navigation screens.

The development of long LCD screens makes up for the deficiencies of non-traditional display screens other than basic LCD screens, and its market share is obvious. The strip LCD screen has novel features such as practicability, coordination, mobility, functionality, and large space. The following Elson will introduce how to buy a long bar TFT LCD screen. The guide for buying a long bar TFT LCD screen is as follows:

1. The cutting specifications of bar TFT LCD screen should be accurate

Because the small difference of the bar TFT installation parts is not big, if the strip screen is cut with poor specifications, the installation will fail.

2. The bar TFT LCD screen shows that the actual effect is better

After cutting production and processing, if the actual operation is improper or there is any problem with the cutting machinery and equipment itself, the bar-shaped screen produced by the production and processing shows that the actual effect is very poor.

3. The bar TFT LCD screen cannot destroy the cable of the original screen

There are cables under the LCD screen to connect with the PCB board. If you accidentally step on the cable during the production and processing of the strip screen, it is very likely to cause the bar TFT screen to be unusable or even damaged.

The above is the method of choosing a bar TFT LCD screen that Allen wants to share with you. We hope it will be helpful to you. KINGTECH specializes in low-volume customization. It mainly produces thin film transistor liquid crystal display modules, amo led/organic light emitting diode display modules, display modules with touch screen and display modules with panel, etc. You are welcome to inquire about our products!

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