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LCD Display TFT Resolution Introduction

The resolution of TFT liquid crystal display, also known as pixel resolution, referred to as resolution, refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed on the TFT display, usually expressed by multiplying the number of pixels per row by the number of pixels per column. For example, a TFT screen with a resolution of 1024×768 means that the TFT liquid crystal display can display 768 rows and 1024 columns, with a total of 786432 pixels, because each pixel is composed of three pixel units (R, G, B). or sub-pixels) to complete the display of red, green and blue respectively, pixel unit (1024×3×768=2359296).

1. Resolution of LCD display TFT

For a TFT screen with a resolution of 800×600, it means that 600 rows and 800 columns can be displayed, with a total of 480,000 pixels and a total of 1,440,000 pixels. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the more pixels can be displayed on the screen, and the sharper the image will be.

The TFT LCD display directly processes the analog signal output by the graphics card into a display signal with specific address information. The color and brightness information of any pixel directly corresponds to the pixel on the screen. Therefore, the best results can only be achieved when displaying a picture with the exact same resolution as the TFT LCD screen. Usually the best resolution of 14in, 15inTFT dipplay screen is 1024×768, and the best resolution of 17in is 1280×1024.

When displaying an image smaller than the optimum resolution, the TFT LCD can display in two ways: one is the center display, for example, when displaying 800×600 resolution, the monitor only displays the image with the middle 800×600 pixels, surrounded by shadows, the image is clear, but the image is smaller; the other is the expansion method, which is displayed by expanding the 800×600 image to 1024×768 resolution by calculation. Since the processed signal does not correspond one-to-one with the pixels, the image is relatively blurry although it is large.

2. The display principle of LCD display TFT

The drain-sorce electrode is turned on when the gate forward voltage is greater than the applied voltage, and the drain-source electrode is turned off when the gate forward voltage is equal to 0 or a negative voltage. The drain electrode is connected to the ITO pixel electrode, the source electrode is connected to the source line (column electrode), and the gate is connected to the gate line (row electrode).

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