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Introduction to TFT LCD Screen and the Its Difference from LCD

1. Introduction to TFT LCD screen

The full name of TFT is Thin Film Transistor, and its Chinese name is thin film transistor. Now our laptops and desktop computers use relatively advanced TFT LCD screen. These screens are composed of liquid crystal pixels and driven by thin film transistors integrated behind the pixels. Therefore, TFT LCD screen also belongs to a kind of display device with source matrix.

TFT LCD screen is the best LCD color display. TFT LCD screen has many advantages: high response, high brightness, high contrast and so on. The display effect of TFT LCD screen is the closest to that of CRT. TFT LCD screen is also often used in the major mobile phone screen, respectively, 65536 color, 160k color, 160000k color. Its display effect is also very good. Every pixel of TFT LCD is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. Thus, the screen information can be displayed with high speed, high brightness and high contrast. TFT liquid crystal display is one of most liquid crystal displays.

Kingtech Dispaly is specilaized in producing setries of LCD products, such as multi touch LCD screen, TFT LCD touch screen and so on. Any requests will be welcomed in our company.

2. The difference between TFT LCD screen and LCD

TFT LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display) screen is a kind of liquid crystal screen. The structure of LCD is to place a liquid crystal cell in the middle of two parallel glass substrates, set a TFT (thin film transistor) on the lower glass substrate, and set a color filter on the upper glass substrate. By changing the signal and voltage on the TFT to control the rotation direction of the liquid crystal molecules, we can control the polarized light emission of each pixel to achieve the purpose of display. Now LCD has replaced CRT to become the mainstream. The price has dropped a lot, and it has been fully popularized.

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