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Working Principle of TFD LCD Screen

TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Ttransistor". It generally refers to thin film liquid crystal display, but actually refers to thin film transistor (matrix). It can "actively" control each independent pixel on the screen, which is the origin of the so-called active matrix TFT. 

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So how are TFT LCD screen images generated?

1. Image principle of TFT LCD screen

The image principle of TFT LCD screen is very simple. The display screen is composed of many pixels that can emit light of any color. As long as each pixel is controlled to display the corresponding color, the purpose can be achieved. Backlight technology is generally used in TFT LCD. In order to accurately control the color and brightness of each pixel, a shutter-like switch needs to be installed behind each pixel. When the "shutter" is open, the light can pass through, but when the "shutter" is closed, the light cannot pass through. Of course, technically, it is not as simple as just mentioned.

2. Liquid crystal characteristics of TFT LCD screen

TFT LCD screen takes advantage of the characteristics of liquid crystal (when heated, it is liquid, when cooled, it crystallizes into solid). Generally, there are three forms of liquid crystal: layered liquid crystal similar to clay, filamentous liquid crystal similar to thin matchstick, and cholesterol like liquid crystal. TFT LCD screen uses filamentous liquid crystal. When the external environment changes, its molecular structure will also change, so it has different physical properties. It can achieve the purpose of allowing light to pass through or blocking light, which is just like the shutter. You know three primary colors. Therefore, each pixel on the TFT LCD screen needs three similar basic components described above to control red, green and blue colors respectively.

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